About Crowned By You

CROWNED BY YOU HAIR CARE LLC., is a natural hair care line founded by Mother/Daughter duo, Crystal & Aniya.

Having a family with different hair textures, thickness', and lengths, as well as, different levels of skin care needs ((dry patches, chronic eczema, rosacea, etc)) it proved difficult and extremely expensive to find a moisturizing product that actually worked as needed. Therefore, in 2017, mother/daughter duo began the journey of producing a natural hair and skin moisturizer that included ingredients that would not only moisturize, but would protect and nourish as well. 

As years passed, thinking of all of the store purchased products that just sat on the shelves in the bathroom cabinets and laundry room, it was concluded there was likely other families with the same dilemma and needing the same resolve; being able to find a hair and skin products that actually moisturized beneath the surface, made the hair more manageable, relieved itch, reduced inflammation, and promoted healthy hair & skin growth.

When was Crowned By You Hair Care LLC established and why?

CROWNED BY YOU HAIR CARE LLC., was established January 2020, to provide the coiled, curly, and waved hair community with the same natural hair care products that the founders of CROWNED BY YOU have been able to produce and enjoy themselves since 2017. Crowned By You products nurtures your crown by way of nature's natural nutrients. Crowned By You products are formulated using carefully selected butters, herbs, and oils to help keep your hair and skin moisturized, reduce hair breakage, repair and strengthen hair strands, as well as promote hair growth.

100% Natural Ingredients.

No Chemicals, Dye, Alcohol, Paraben, Silicone, or Sulfur.

Made In Small Batches (not private label).

NEVER tested on animals. 

What to expect from Crowned By You Hair Care products...

CBYHC products will stimulate, replenish, and strengthen your hair and scalp without over-proteining.

CBYHC products will provide hydration and moisture to your hair and scalp without being too oily and clogging your pores.

CBYHC products will nourish and soften your hair and scalp without causing buildup and frizz, while also maintaining an authentic natural smell without using perfume fragrances.


We were not being arrogant. We truly feel only you can be Crowned By You, ie self-care. 

Crown= Your Hair

By You= You Choosing/Your Choice

Hair Care= Taking Care Of/Nurturing Your Hair

Crowned By You Hair Care is Black-Owned, Women-Owned... household has a combination of 3b/3c,4a/4b, 4b, 4c thick hair + bald headed (Dad and sometimes Mom lol) household 

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